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About Us




We are Ivana Mašková and Klára Mašková.

Mother and a daughter. Our designs reveal our passion for art and the interest in aesthetic philosophy. We always put

a piece of ourselves into our art work, as well as a part of our experience and energy. Both of us get inspired

in a different way – and perhaps this is why we have decided to share our art pieces and to create our own brand "livefordetails-art”. 




Freedom, joy, gratitude and loss of sense of time... These are my feelings while creating my art work. I like simple shapes, clean lines and colours. They are part of my daily life and they are also projected into my work. I love experimenting with different materials and discovering new possibilities and options which influence my work.

I prefer to create abstract compositions so that everyone can play with their fantasies and discover something new...

I always get inspired by people and nature, they never cease to fascinate me.

I've been painting since childhood, however only recently I had the courage to showcase my first canvas on public.

Not even a year afterwards, I have decided to make my own exhibition together with my daughter. This led to our second exhibition and then the third one. It is a dream come true for me. I feel touched every time I see that someone

is truly in love with my work and have chosen to enhance their home with pieces I have created. Thank you!



 I love to create art. I love to express my feelings, experiences, opinions and my interest in aesthetic philosophy through art as it makes me happy and fulfilled. 

It is simplicity where perfection is hidden. I often get inspired by nature, light, shadows and colours. It is really difficult for me to describe myself and also my paintings, sculptures or photographs as I believe each piece of my art work speaks for itself.

It brings me joy when people capture my work and want to be surrounded by art I have created. In each piece I make

I put a piece of myself, my energy, and attitude. It always means a lot to me when people choose my art work. I believe that every piece of art has its own purpose and should bring something special to each and every person.

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